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One in stock now: 16 1/2” bronc rodeo real deal saddle, wood x rawhide tree leather in roughout ready to enter the rodeo.   price only $2,480.00 total

16 1/2 bronc saddle (SOLD) gone to a theif, stolen, this rodeo saddle is stolen: complete set up for rodeo 1. rodeo halter and lead rope no horn wood x rawhide tree complete official rodeo riggin ready to enter any rodeo $2400.00 + $80.00 shipping UPS

Now look down at a real western cutter tree saddle padded seat 17″

14 inch swells

13 wide x 4 1/4 tall cantle

9 1/4 x 6 1/4  gullet

finished saddle ready to ride. $5,000.00

Ranch or cutter saddle 16 in seat and padded good price $5000.00
padded seat ranch saddle $5,500.00
Start up of this saddle above $5000.00 or best offer.

Top right photo bucking bronc saddle

 B. Update one bronc saddle in stock ready to ship now 2018.

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send us a email for all info and saddles available thanks for finding this website it is not advertised in the search for ranch saddles or custom saddles this website don’t show up very often in search engines.




These saddle are custom build and ready for the ranch working cowboy with a lot of dependability built into every saddle. Pick out a saddle and email us for price and delivery date. was a new domain .blue and so I jumped on it with the advantage of getting the main name Cowboy.

The feeling of having a saddle built to my pro needs is a must for me to find a good home for a working cowboy or cowgirl to ride with the wind and enjoy the day with their favorite horses. Its cold in Texas and needed two coats to get that warm and cozy feeling. Get a cup of coffee and we will continue this short story for your morning entertainment. Sugar and cream

Hello to the working class Americans and who ever in the world wants a Texas style saddle with real wool lining and real leather and real leather strings unless you want a rope sadde that has no saddle strings. Good luck finding the saddle of your dreams and if you look over our selection, the saddle you like might still be available. If does not get you a reply try for prices and shipping detail. I will make sure you get your saddle with in 3 to 4 days not including the weekend days. Have a great day and how was the coffee.

Cowboy 10/24/2019

All saddle sales pay by check all saddles have no warrenty and no refunds and no returns

We have no warrenty and do not repair saddles or take old trade in saddles.
We sell one off custom saddles in the USA by craftsman trained in the art of saddle making, All saddle makers are 100 and more saddles previously built. Enjoy your ride. Adjust all leather connections and connect the front and rear cinch with about 9” strap, cinch medium and walk your horse let him adjust to the new saddle and recheck all leather connections and check the cinch front and rear.

Warren Wright Tree $7640.00 complete saddle now finished and for sale for all around use. If you want any saddle shipped around the world we got to be payed upfront and all shipping costs payed upfront before we ship out of the states USA.

15 3/4 length seat
Built for roping and heavy duty ranch work $7,640.00  no 2 grade chestnut leather in roughout
Warren Wright Tree
Will James 13″ swell 15 3/4” seat

4” x 13” x 1” dish cantle hight and width

Chuinc selling all saddles at wholesale prices 2018

Custom saddles for ranch working cowboy’s price under $5,500.00 The wood post saddle posted here is $5,000.00

Special orders are priced by the saddle makers email us for a quote.
quality construction wood/post Will James

15 3/4” seat and 4” high cantle

gullet is 8 1/4” high x 6 1/2”wide

Fits most quarter horses built for heavy duty ranch work. Feed lot special This is mostly Hermann Oaks 13 oz leather with Tandy leather stirrup straps slightly different color because it is not from the original hides of leather used to build the saddle. Has straight up cantle roping horn wood/post ranch saddle.

1 1/2” dish x 13 wide x 4” high   lace up swell and this saddle is built by a independent saddle maker from Hereford Texas, there is not another saddle like this on in the USA. $5,000.00

New Saddle For under $5,000.00 Cowboy design all saddles are custom build.

  This saddle is $5,000.00 all purpose ranch design with quality skirting, padded inlay seat laced in real dark brown leather and horn wrap in latigo.

$2,800.00 price for a working rodeo bronc saddle with halter and lead, cinch and the first $45.00 gift card for your entry fee.
rodeo 16 1/2” complete $2600.00 (Stolen reward $1000.00 for recovery)

We will have all information needed to purchase a quality saddle and our mail address and full price amount including shipping. email us and leave your name phone and shipping address – do not send any money or request payments or loans, we only accept a personel check in advance of shipping. Cowboy1

Ready to ship today UPS ground freight, email us ask about the wood post Will James with the custom bling (Hereford Texas built saddle)   price $4,100.00 and $100.00 shipping by UPS ground freight usually takes 5 business days trucking, to any lower 48 states USA.

For Sale Saddles

Silver Madallion in the seat of this formfitter saddle above price at $5,580.00

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$7500.00 + $200.00 First Class Shipping with Insurance.


This saddle is finished and for sale at $5,580.00 email: ask about the tooled form fitter saddle. This saddle is finished with breast collar and cinch and back cinch Tooling and fenders has front cinch rear cinch and breast collar. Rope and ranch on this all around working ranch saddle.


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Chumlriggin style permits $200.00  for each build this permit no. 22143 email us for a build number 22144 22151 and 22162

Send a check for the permissions to build a quality riggin.

$7000.00 for a roughout Wade custom build in a few months for delivery time at present you should order soon because we are staying busy as of now but with advertising we are expecting many new orders from the AQHA ad in the publication was about November 2017. You must have permission to copy this photo or our design model access permission is $200.00 per riggin on your saddle.
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