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Working Saddles $4,500.00 choose one below

Saddles are for working cowboys and cowgirls. The saddles have super good quality wood and rawhide covered tree’s and top quality no 1 leather on the higher priced saddles.

The saddles are real quality working saddles with sheep wool liners and No 1 and No 2 Grade leather on most all the saddles. All saddles fit different breeds of horses and different events require slight changes in the height and width of the gullet and the flat area across the back of the horses. Most all our saddles are okay to rope calf and all ranch work and for breaking young colts.  The saddles are mostly 6 1/4 width in the gullet set up for horses with medium high withers.

Starting prices are $2,299.00 Rodeo Bronc saddle 16 1/2 seat fully loaded with bronc riding halter and lead. Top saddle today sells for $5,000.00 private showing only with appointment. Saddles can be shipped by UPS in a few days.

Saddles are high quality leather with high quality sheep liner rope stamp border and added tooling with full leather covered laced in deer lace. 15 1/2 size seat the seat and fenders are roughout 1/2 smooth and tooled. Horn wrap in latigo strip with rope holder. Full loaded ready to ride.

Made by Cowboy Pro Rodeo Ranch Saddles not associated with the old saddle brand saddlesmith brand is a total different company. $3750.00
Ranch and Rope
Ranch Roper $4,177.00
Ranch side view
Rodeo Saddle Real Halter Lead Ready PRCA $2,299.00
Rodeo Saddle Real Halter Lead Ready PRCA side view
Ranch Roper – Rope Border Stamp
(side view)
Ranch Roper – Rope Border Stamp $3,689.00
Rawhide Bosal and Reins $960.00
Rawhide Bosal and Reins $960.00
1/2 Tool Ranch #3 $3,790.00 – Calf Rope New $169

Great training saddle for my cow horse. Fits my two year old great and is very comfortable

Margaret Ames

To learn more about our working saddles for cow horses, roping horses and all around horses contact us today.

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  1. Hello, wondering if I can get info on a saddle stamped 22711. It’s Dale Fredericks made by saddlesmith. Hoping to get info on what kind of tree it has. Thanks!


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