Hello Margaret

Very good design on this website, i did set the default domain name to the site, and will try to build a seperate page for cowboy.blue maybe for horse photo’s and video’s of training sessions, you might add a page and put the complete full size picture of the saddle kinda like the horn is not showing like a logo. It looks like you might want to upgrade the wordpress site to the $300.00 a year so that is for a business site and might have a lot more bells and whistles. Send a email to cowboy@saddlesmithsaddlery.com

(I might have it working will see) let me know a little more on what you need or would like to do on this site. If the email is not working send it by the ranchcowboy@outlook.com and any suggestions you are working on.

send or call i need your mailing address i misplaced the address (LOST_it)

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Custom professional ranch saddles available under $5000.00 - Wade saddle $10,500.00 cutter ranch roper $4,250.00 contact us: ranchcowboy@outlook.com

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