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Saddles can be paid out at $399.00 per month if accepted by Cowboy and you must send a email requesting to pay with this hotlink at paypal we need your phone number and mailing address and we will keep your saddle in reserve until you get it payed off. There is a time limit of 12 months and extra charges may apply if time frame is not in 12 months. Your saddle will not be sold to any other party nor will you loose any money and also you can pay off the total due amount anytime and receive your new saddle in 3 days by UPS ground shipping service. We pay all shipping cost and you only pay for the saddle at your pace…..Cowboy

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Custom professional ranch saddles available under $5000.00 - Wade saddle $10,500.00 cutter ranch roper $4,250.00 contact us:

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