• See more saddles (photo’s )

    Thanks and have a great day. old page with more photo’s of saddle’s available to ship, unless already sold, email for a discounted great price We have several photo’s on the chuinc website to view, pick out a saddle and email us to find out the today’s price. Thanks Cowboy and check outContinue reading “See more saddles (photo’s )”

  • Cowboy Blue Saddle Shop

    Saddles start at $1,899.00 Roping saddle only one in stock $5,500.00

  • saddle smith saddlery

    Welcome to we are changing the name from saddlesmithsaddlery.wordpress just purchased a year of domain name change on this site so get ready for new updates and pages to our new site name. We are a advertising website for any western art or saddles for sale. We can be on this network : emailContinue reading “saddle smith saddlery”

  • customers email info

    customers email info

    More info on why your getting advertisement email in your inbox and you did not order or ask for junk email but you got it anyway. How to figure out where the bugs are. Saturday, February 25, 2017 8:49 PM Dear Customers, now take for instance the new free mail client from Microsoft, its calledContinue reading “customers email info”

  • rodeo saddle $2,299.00

  • Cowboy.Blue Saddles are all discount priced email us for your price.

  • Welcome to the new name site

    same site named we are selling ranch style saddle make us a reasonable and also we carry the note on real cowboy’s that have to work for a living cowboy saddles need to be owned by real cowboy. If you want to make reasonable payments contact us :


    first or 4th website build and still has pictures of other saddle that are still available and for sale go over and take a look you might find something you need in your saddle barn and have a great year this year 7/08/2022 start today summer is here and its beautiful weather.

  • New Saddle Pictures

    Soon more selection and no waiting time for custom saddles

  • Horses for Sale Coming Soon

    Cowboy blue saddle company and horses for sale coming soon. Price is one choice of top two year old gelding quarter horses, have 90 days riding and will be training for roping events if not sold before Christmas 2021. Buy one horse now, the bay gelding $20,000.00 The black gelding $25,000.00. (CHOICE-Only one horse) willContinue reading “Horses for Sale Coming Soon”

  • Audio Post

  • Trying to post to the website on the Email a message link

    Have a great day there are saddles to sell and horses to sell contact us: cowboy

  • 2021 year coasting along fast

    The months are going by so fast I cannot catch up on getting things done. I cannot seem to get the post pages and cover page on the same website or platform even though I am paying wordpress for hosting to stop the disgrace they did to my pages with the fake ad’s in theContinue reading “2021 year coasting along fast”

  • Quarter Horses

    in training coming 3yr old’s and already started with western pleasure everyday loping and trotting exercises with circles around to the left and back to the right circles, these geldings are all quarter horse except one or two of them go back to 3 Bars which was a Thoroughbred stallion and race horse that wasContinue reading “Quarter Horses”

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