58 Wade 15 3/4 x 4 high
58 Wade (Sold)  $3000.00 cash advertised price $3800.00 retail (saddle sold)

Coffee is ready and saddles are selling fast if you want to buy the one you like, buy it now, we cannot repeat the same saddle

All saddles are one of a kind so no one has one like it any where any time. This roughout Wade is sold but we have other roughout Wade saddles to choose from.

Good cash offers buy’s saddles. When is the last time you had a chance to spend your money on something you can use and enjoy for a life time. All your friends will want to step in the stirrup of your new one of a kind Cowboy Saddle.

cowboyartifacts.com 003 cowboyartifacts.com 006 cowboyartifacts.com 007 cowboyartifacts.com 009 cowboyartifacts.com 010 cowboyartifacts.com 011 cowboyartifacts.com 012 cowboyartifacts.com 013 cowboyartifacts.com 014 cowboyartifacts.com 015 cowboyartifacts.com 016 cowboyartifacts.com 017 cowboyartifacts.com 018 cowboyartifacts.com 019 cowboyartifacts.com 020 cowboyartifacts.com 021 cowboyartifacts.com 022  This dark red color saddle with brass is for sale $5,500.00     cowboyartifacts.com 023 cowboyartifacts.com 024 cowboyartifacts.com 025 cowboyartifacts.com 026 cowboyartifacts.com 027 cowboyartifacts.com 028

January 2, 2015

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